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Connected Potential promises to help you develop the skills, strategies, and personal/professional connections to get your community-driven project off the ground. We offer the opportunity for you to increase your impact, develop credibility in your field of interest, and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Download the materials below for full program and application details. proposal guideline


Before Applying

Application cycles run regularly, and are ongoing throughout the year.
This gives you multiple opportunities to apply and be accepted into the program. If you are not accepted initially, you will receive feedback on what to work on, with an invitation to re-apply in future for a reduced application fee.

Be prepared to work!
The program lasts 6-8 weeks, and begins as soon as you are notified of acceptance. During that time, you will be expected to attend all sessions with your advisors, and will be the main person responsible for developing the final action plan for implementing your project.

Don’t expect the process to be easy!
Connected Potential will help you develop your skills, leadership abilities, and your impact by organizing a social good project, but organizing any kind of community project is a major challenge. We promise to support you, but you should only apply if you have the drive and passion to carry you through.

Not everyone that applies is accepted into the program.
We review proposals based on specific criteria, and the number of applications we receive in a given cycle will influence how competitive the selection process is.

Have fun!
There is joy in doing meaningful work - so have fun with it. is.


How much does it cost?

Connected Potential is committed to building a community of care and connection around social change. Our pricing structure reflects our belief that cost should not be a barrier to doing good. 

Everyone accepted to the program will have the opportunity to pay at the full asking rate of $325, or “pay what you can” - Any value that feels appropriate based on comfort level and ability. 

The full asking rate of $325 helps cover administrative costs and supports Connected Potential staff in doing the work of the organization. Any excess supports those unable to pay in at the full asking rate, or goes towards the fundraising efforts of projects sponsored by Connected Potential.

Curious about our pricing structure? Read more about our decision to follow a “pay what you can” model.

1. Submit Application Fee

All ($35) application fees are processed securely through Paypal.If accepted, a $325 program fee will be required. You will be redirected to the submittal form after the fee is processed.


Application Period

Proposal Guideline

Not everyone will be accepted into the program. Those that are not accepted will receive a detailed explanation of why they were not accepted, and an invitation to re-apply in future for a reduced application fee.


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