Become a catalyst

And make a difference in an area that you care about.


Connected Potential is seeking to connect with motivated professionals interested in collaborating on social good projects. We work with business advisors and professional catalysts to help young adults follow their passion, build leadership and professional skills, and bring positive change to the community through social good projects.

We believe that everyone performs at their best when working with others collaboratively towards a common purpose. Our catalysts are able to make a powerful difference in someone else’s life with a higher level of impact and lower time commitment than most other volunteer opportunities.

WHY BECOME A catalyst?

Make a difference in an area that you care about Matches are made based on your skill-sets and interests. We will only contact you if we find a project that we think would be of interest to you, and could benefit from your unique skill sets.

No pressure
You will be given the opportunity to choose whether or not to work on a project at any time based on your interest and availability.

All sessions are conducted through conference call or video chat, so there is no need to leave your home or office.

Maximize your impact with low time commitment
We ask for 1-3 hours commitment from each of our catalysts.

Expand your audience
Your work will be featured to our network of young adults and professionals committed to social good.

TYPES OF catalystS


Commit three (3) professional hours over a six week period

Advise on organizational aspects of a community based project: Team building, project management, finding partners and sponsors, and marketing strategy.

Business advisors are MBA students or other business/organizational thinkers interested in having a positive impact and assisting in the development of a community driven project.


Commit 1-2 professional hours over a six week period

Advise on areas of professional expertise specific to a social good project

Professional catalysts represent all sectors - let us know your areas of interest and expertise, and we will work to match you!

APPLY TO BE A catalyst

We’d love to have you on board! Please fill out the form below to complete an initial application. After review, we will contact you with more information about becoming an official Connected Potential catalyst.