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Being Connected vs. Finding Connection

by nicole
May 1, 2013

Technology has been called the “great equalizer”, and it is true that our ability to connect and interface with others makes us more powerful to broadcast and organize than we have been in the past. We are more connected now than we ever have been. We can access enormous amounts of information at a moment’s notice. We can reach out to our friends at any time from anywhere around the world, and with tools that are readily available, we can create a platform, build a network, and broadcast a message. As tech writer and columnist Paul Miller described after a year without the internet, “the internet isn’t an individual pursuit, it is something we do with each other. The internet is where people are.”

But there is one element distinctly missing from online interfaces, and that is the human element. The platforms we use aren’t by themselves designed to build deep and lasting connections between people. They don’t inspire us to think creatively or challenge us to be bigger than ourselves, or make us feel less alone. And they don’t bring the sense of care, trust, and emotional attachment that true human connection brings. In fact, research shows that overuse of technology can often leave us feeling anxious, isolated, and disconnected from those surrounding us.

In Connected, the Film, filmmaker Tiffany Schlain suggests that being able to connect powerfully with one another may be the next evolution in our ability to come together to address the world’s problems. What if we could use online interfaces to develop deep, personal connections with others around meaningful work and causes we care about? What if we could meet people well positioned to help us on our personal and professional journey to make positive change in the world? Clear and meaningful connection is so important in our ability to succeed in our goals, and to aspire to accomplish the unthinkable. To succeed we need to believe in ourselves, but even more importantly than that, we need others to believe in us. That belief is the difference between an idea that is realized, and one that stalls out.

The powerful potential of that connection is why we are here. It is because we recognize that when we are able to connect with others in a deep and meaningful way to make change in our communities and pursue social good, that anything can be accomplished, no matter how daunting the challenge. Connected Potential launches this month with the intention of connecting the next generation of social entrepreneurs and community leaders with professional mentors to help them pursue the projects that energize and inspire them. We believe in the potential of young adults to address contemporary challenges and improve the world, and we are here to help them do it.

Connected Potential provides young adults with the advice, resources, and personal/professional connections needed to implement the social change projects that energize and inspire them. Join us now and #makechangehappen

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